An ‘artist’ gathering
you can be an artist too

This party is
an entrance to an artist mind

for friends who like singin art, dancin art, band art, drama art, magic art, harmonica art… and etc.

The party, 
-it is just a simple, easy & small gathering for 'artist' to meet up with others and sharings, but simple sharings are really fun!
-everyone have their own talent when they was young, but because of the enviroment.
-we believe you will have nice memories during your school life, share out how you work at your society how you start your crew what crazy things have you done last time & more.....

-this party is not only for pro artist --everyone can be an artist ... if you like art

Let us take you to a world you never been before

Please take note:

Art is freestyle

freestyle is ‘my’style~ 

Sharing is fun & ----- Share yourself there!

Story Background:

A story of an artist. We'll bring you into the room of an artist, having participants the chance to experience the life of him. The joy of getting new idea, misery during the lack of it, disappointment towards the reality, and surprises during the discovery of new elements, and at last, the complete of a masterpiece.